We are pleased to announce our new fundraiser hosted by GoFundMe.

What is Twin Elm Rugby Park (TERP)
Twin Elm Rugby Park is the hub of rugby in Eastern Ontario.

Nestled between cornfields in rural Ottawa, this non-profit sports facility has been managed and administered by a board of dedicated volunteers drawn from its membership since its construction in 1973.

The facility boasts five full-sized rugby pitches, as well as a clubhouse complete with change rooms, showers, stadium seating and a bar.

TERP hosts rugby players from all walks of life. The Park has hosted events for minors and seniors alike, as well as novice rugby clinics to international games and tournaments. Spectators and players from around the world have had the opportunity to visit Twin Elm to enjoy the sport of rugby.

Team Canada, local clubs, high schools, colleges and universities have all played rugby at TERP, and various other sports clubs (Touch Football, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Gaelic Football, Hurling, Lacrosse) have benefited from the use of the Twin Elm stadium and the entire facility over the years.

Going Forward

Twin Elm has seen a lot of use over the last forty years, but the aging facility needs to update its infrastructure in order to remain a cornerstone of Canada’s sporting community for the coming four decades.

Unfortunately, these updates come at a significant cost, and TERP needs immediate funding or it will not be able to open its doors in the spring of 2018.

Specifically, the Park urgently needs to raise a total of $100,000 in order to address the following critical infrastructure issues:

Roof Repairs: $33,000

Water System Repairs: $15,000

Collapsing Stairwell: $10,000

Interior renovations: $8,000

Facility Equipment: $20,000

Boiler Replacement: $7,000

Electrical System Upgrades: $7,000



In order to meet these goals, the Board of TERP has established a fundraiser with GoFundMe. Check it out here! 

You can also help us out by sharing the link on Facebook and Twitter (links are on the GoFundMe page).

TERP appreciates donations of any amount.

Each dollar donated will be matched with a private source funding opportunity up to $100,000!

Individuals who donate $250 will join the TERP Founder Members Club, receive a TERP polo shirt and two tickets for a draw for two VIP tickets to the 2018 Canada Men’s match in June in Ontario.

$500 will get five tickets for the draw; $1,000 will get ten tickets for the draw.


We would like to thank everyone who has continued to support Twin Elm and the development of Rugby in the Ottawa Valley and across Canada.

We look forward to seeing you soon out at TERP.



The Executive


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