Can you do more to contribute to growing and shaping TERP’s future?

Twin Elm’s Annual General Meeting is only two weeks away, and we’re looking for volunteers to fill the following board positions:

  1. Secretary
  2. Director At Large (1)
  3. Director At Large (2)

Twin Elm is entirely reliant on volunteers to manage the park from year to year. The current board has been working especially hard to bring TERP back to it’s former glory and make it a community hub again, but we need all the help we can get!!

If you or someone you know you may be interested in one of these positions, please email Lee Powell at

The 2018 Board will be established at the AGM on Saturday February 24th.

Our AGM will coincide with a Snow Bowl touch rugby game, chili cook-off and award ceremony. Please see the event calendar for more information.

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